NeuToGeo is online - EMC2020

We are proud to annouce the EMC2020-NeuToGeo Software is On-Line.

NeuToGeo means the Neutral File To Geo-File Converter.

Its purpose is to import some meshed Neutral-File and to transform it in a Model able to be used for Softwares using the Surface Integral Equation or some asymptotic Method like the GTD or PTD:

  • Import Neutral-Files
  • View & inspect the Neutral-File
  • Correct Mistakes in the Neutral-File
  • Convert it to the Geo-Format


The Graphical Interface allows:

  • to view the 3d-Model and to navigate
  • to inspect the Model
  • to highlight some Errors resulting in a wrong Model after Converting
  • to try and correct Errors
  • to set Normals
  • to set the “Group-Tag” to facets
  • to convert, to view and to inspect the converted Model

On right is  shown a typical example of the download page. (Replace TLS with NeuToGeo)

If you want to test the Software, go to the Private Area of EMC2020 in the Page associated with the Software. You will find at this Location:

  • The actual Status of the Software-Developments
  • The Software Leaflet (a pdf-File)
  • A link to download the Free Trial-Version.

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