You will find in this part the list of In-House Softwares classified into 4 parts.

  • Available (now or very soon)  for download in the private area – (In Green)
  • Under development –  (in blue)
  • To renovate: Kernel is available & Graphical Interface is to renovate – (in orange)
  • To develop from scratch –  (in red)

Check from time to time  the availability of Softwares & inside the private area. News will report the change of software status when becoming available.


Notice some softwares may not be actually proposed for distribution due to their development statuts. Most of the time this is due to a missing graphical interface,  validations or renewing. If you want:

  • to acquire the kernel only or
  • to participate to the final development of the software

please Contact us.

Note: if you find interests in the coming softwares, you can contribute financely, propose your ideas and have a discount for the final EMC2020-Products.