GTD is online - EMC2020

We are proud to annouce the EMC2020-GTD Software will be very soon On-Line.

This Software use  the Unified Theory of Diffraction to compute the Pattern resulting from the placement of some antenna on a large metallic platform.

Its purpose is to compute for some feed:

  • either the Field resulting from the interaction of the Antenna with Obstacles
  • or the Coupling between a set of Antennae in the presence of the Structure

For the present time, only polygonal Models (Trias, Quadrangles, Polygons) are handled. This method computes Fields via Ray-Launching, Ray-Tracing & the interaction of Rays with the model (Reflection, Diffraction, higher coupled interactions till order-3 ).


The Graphical Interface allows:

  • to import a Neutral meshed-File
  • to set interactively the different Antennae in Positon & Orientation
  • to define the Characteristics of Rays and the Ray-Tracer Parameters
  • to define interactively the Properties of the model
  • to define interactively the Regions where Fields are calculated
  • to display computed Quantities with a color-Calette & Contour-Lines
  • to filter & to display Rays together with the geometrical Model
  • to plot Result-Quantities along a defined linear-Cut

On right is  shown a typical example of the download page. (Replace TLS with GTD)

If you want to test the Software, go to the Private Area of EMC2020 in the Page associated with the Software. You will find at this Location:

  • The actual Status of the Software-Developments
  • The Software Leaflet (a pdf-File)
  • A link to download the Free Trial-Version.

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