Marots satellite
MaxSim-F surface-currents result

EMC2000 & EMC2020 mean the ElectroMagnetic Codes from 20xx. The EMC2000 software, formally named EMC2000-MoM (Method of Moments) was launched in year 97 and was quite popular in years 2000 …2010.

  • It was one of the first MoM software running on PC computers (Win95) with a 3d interactive graphical interface.
  • the numerical kernel was based on two precursors named:

    • MaxSim-F (Frequency Domain Electric-field Integral Equation solver ) &
    • MaxSim-T (Time Domain Electric-field Integral Equation solver)

    developped under UNIX environment on SUN Work-Stations. 

Their initial objectives were to solve ElectroMagnetic Problems on Satellite platforms, namely for Antenna Problems, EMC, ESD, …. .  Later, it was applied in other domains like Aeronautics, Defense & Navy. Other Numerical Techniques like the FVTD, GTD & PTD were included in years 2003 … 2009.

See here the History of the EMC2000 software-series with more details. Most of the original softwares inside the EMC2000 software-series from Matra/EADS-si were abandonned around 2010 & replaced by other ones running on HPC cluster.

EMC2020 can be considered as a new lease of life of EMC2000 for PC users.

The objectives of the new EMC2020 Software-series are:

    • to revitelize the old EMC2000 software-series inside EMC2020 with the same techniques that made EMC2000 softwares easy to use & popular
    • to update numerical tools & graphical interfaces with up to date numerical techniques & tools
    • to include new software-tools that are not so common to find
    • To do low-cost softwares, accessible for small & mid companies without the need of huge computers or  HPC Linux cluster.

XMM satellite
EMC2000-MoM surface-currents result