Magnified view of the NeuToGeo Software in action
Typical interface of the EMC2020 software-series

The EMC2020 Software-series includes for each item a user oriented graphical interface which helps greatly the users. For most of the softwares, the learning curve is short. Softwares are provided with documents as:

  • Getting-started
  • User’s manual
  • Validation document

Find the List of available & coming Softwares here with their description (pdf file).
Here is the software gallerie.
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The softwares are running under Windows environment, some are multi-processing when required. This  choice improves considerably the software installation and maintenance

  • Easy to install
  • easy maintenance
  • easy to use
  • cost reduction

Custumers do not need huge computers or Linux servers:

This means very large system simulations with integral methods (MoM method) can’t be done due to excessive CPU time & high memory requirement. However, this is generally not the objective of mid & small industrial structures which work at sub-system and/or equipment level.


Softwarecosts are reasonable.


This makes EMC2020 products accessible to:

  • Mid or small companies
  • Universities
  • Formation organisations
  • …..
Usually, numerical tools from the software-series are obtained directly from EM-VisualTools, If  resellers find interest in the products & want to distribute  them, they can contact us .