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We are proud to annouce the EMC2020-WebSite is On-Line with its private part.

EMC2020.net is a WebSite powered by EM-VisualTools. It is in continuation with the EMC2000.net WebSite stopped more than 10 years ago. The private part of this site will be available in a few weeks. The private part is only for registered users.


You will find here informations about EM-VisualTools as well as Resources provided by the Society about the Subject of Computational ElectroMagnetics & ElectroStatics.

  • Technical Documents
  • Past Published Papers
  • Software Documentation
  • Software Tools available for download under Trial-Version (with reduced Capabilities)
  • Software Tools  under Pro-Version requiring a License-File


At the present time, two software are ready for download including:

  • EMC2020/NeuToGeo for Neutral-Meshed-File Management including the  detection of Mistakes, correction,… of the neutral-file & Converting to the Geo-Format usefull for integral & asymptotic numerical methods
  • EMC2020/GTD for Computation of Antenna-Pattern on 3d polygonal large Structures

The first one will be shortly proposed for download, followed some weeks after by the other one.

For mid  of the year, two other Softwares will be proposed:

  • EMC2020/BCap-2d for Computation of Capacitance-Matrix of metallizations embedded in nested dielectric Zones
  • EMC2020/┬ÁCap-2d for Computation of Capacitance-Matrix of metallizations embedded in Planar Dielectric multi-layered Media


Next will come in the Series, End 2021,  EMC2020/TLS: a Line solver in the time domain with Load terminations composed of R-L-C Elements and later its equivalent for Multi-branched Lines (BUS-Lines): EMC2020/BTLS.


More is under development (EMC2020/┬ÁRad, EMC2020/MoM, EMC2020/PTD, …). For Details, go to the Software Development Priority-List & List of Softwares under the “Resources” Menu to have an idea of what’s is planed in the future.

Consult from time to time the News to check if new items are available for download. Registered Users can see more details about the development Status of new Tools.

EMC2020-GTD Software

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