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Computing the Ballistic RCS With the MoM

This document describes the various steps to compute the Bi-Static RCS of a flying object on the moving spherical earth with the Method of Moments.

The path of the object is described at each time step with its 3 Coordinates & 3 Attitude-Angles.

  • Step 0: The MoM-Matrix associated to the object is processed (done only once)
  • Step 1: The impinging-Field is transformed from the Emitting-Radar SysCoords to the Object SysCoords (moving)
  • Step 2: Currents at each time-step are computed on the object by forward & backward Substitution
  • Step3: The resulting diffracted Far-Fields are transformed from the Object SysCoords to the Receiving-Radar SysCoords
  • Step 4: Phase corrections are applied due to the modification of coordinates of the object at each time step

All transformations, i.e 3d Field-Rotations + Earth-Rotation are explicited inside the document.