Documentation update

Here are the most recent documents. To check out them, you need to be a registered member:    . Click above on the  green button on right of the main menu or follow this link either to Login or to Register.    . The documents are accessed via the main menu: Private-Downloading-Area/Technical-Docs. ??/09/2021: Numerical background […]

NeuToGeo is online

EMC2020-NeuToGeo software

We are proud to annouce the EMC2020-NeuToGeo Software is On-Line. NeuToGeo means the Neutral File To Geo-File Converter. Its purpose is to import some meshed Neutral-File and to transform it in a Model able to be used for Softwares using the Surface Integral Equation or some asymptotic Method like the GTD or PTD: Import Neutral-Files […]

GTD is online

EMC2020-GTD Software

We are proud to annouce the EMC2020-GTD Software will be very soon On-Line. This Software use  the Unified Theory of Diffraction to compute the Pattern resulting from the placement of some antenna on a large metallic platform. Its purpose is to compute for some feed: either the Field resulting from the interaction of the Antenna […]