The EMC2020 site is powered by EM-VisualTools. Find here informations about the Society and its main activities.

EM-VisualTools (EMVT) is a young society. It is specialized in end-to-end Engineering, Software and Consulting for ElectroMagnetic/ElectroStatic Projects in Defense, AeroSpace, Communications and Energy. The involved applications deal with:

  • Antennas,
  • EMC
  • Radar
  • Lightning.
  • Electrostatic Charging/Discharging
  • Micro-Electronics

Here are some informations about us:

  • EMVT is a recent small Company. It is located close to Toulouse – France.
  • It was created by J. p. Estienne a former MATRA/EADS / AIRBUS Expert specialized in ElectroMagnetics, Engineering and Software Development.
  • In terms of softwares, the EMC2000 hybrid Method of Moments software is the most well known reference. It was developped and distributed from 1996 to 2015 in EADS/AIRBUS as the successor of the MAXSIM-F Software (in Years 90 developped under ESA contract at MATRAMARCONI SPACE). 
  • Find more details about the founder here (skip down to the second author) and below 

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